Yacht Charter Benefits

Yacht Charter Benefits

Feb 18

I’ve been interested in event planning my entire life. I love throwing great events and creating an experience for guests. I enjoy working alongside hosts and other planners, coordinating an event that turns out like a work of art. I live in central Texas, so I’m pretty landlocked, but I do live next to the Colorado River. I’ve always wondered how I could create a cool guest experience for people and utilize that river. One day I was surfing the web and I came across the website for Anita Dee Yacht Charter. Anita Dee Yacht Charter is a company that takes groups out onto the Chicago River. What a cool experience that must be for guests.

I was thinking that the river gives you an opportunity to view the city from a totally new perspective. You can sit back on the river and enjoy the city’s skyline and bridges. You can also enjoy the sights of the city while still being far away from the loud noises and energy of downtown.

Yacht charters are good at different times of the day depending on different on the group or occasion. Typically, corporate events are going to be in the early evening. Most people in a business are going to want to do a yacht charter right after work. It’s a great time to relax, undo the tie, and have a drink with your colleagues, and a nice opportunity to network and get to know co-workers on a personal level. But most working people are going to want to get back to their families at some point, especially if the event is being held during the week. Social events among young people are going to want the late evening shifts. People who are celebrating a special occasion will want to dance, party, and enjoy the river into the wee hours of the morning. I bet that the older crowd will prefer the early morning cruise. Having a yacht charter go out on the river in the early dawn hours would be so fun. Watching the sun come up over the city is beautiful. You also have a chance to see some of the wildlife that lives along the banks. Catered with a nice breakfast, this would be the complete experience for an older or more relaxed couple.

I think a yacht charter would also be a great fundraising opportunity. Let’s face it, boat trips are a special event for just about everyone. Get people on a yacht and they’re going to be in a cheery mood. It’s a great place to connect with people and plug a non-profit. You can get more information from potential donors and volunteers this way.

The pricing for these yacht trips aren’t cheap, but they’re certainly reasonable if you consider what you’re getting. The average cost is going to sit around $1,000 an hour, plus the cost of any food or drinks provided. This isn’t bad at all if you consider that you’re providing fun and entertainment for up to 400 people all at once.

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