How to Deal With Insomnia

How to Deal With Insomnia

Sep 22

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Sometimes a warm glass of milk and counting sheep doesn’t quite cut it, and you’re left with a sleepless night and a full day of responsibilities to get to in the morning. While you’re lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, you may feel alone, but insomnia affects a significant portion of the population.

A poll from the National Sleep Foundation found out that over 50% of adults reported symptoms of insomnia, which include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Restlessness during the night
  • Waking up and still feeling tired
  • Being unable to fall back asleep after waking up in the night

Most people have probably experienced at least one of these symptoms before. Unfortunately, insomnia can affect your performance at work or school, and make it difficult to participate in social functions. The National Institutes of Health says 10% of people who report sleep disruption also report limited function during the day.

Insomnia is more common among younger adults aged 18-29. Sixty-eight percent of people in this age range report some symptoms of insomnia, while it stands at 59% for the next age bracket, and 44% for the next.

It makes sense that younger adults who may still be in school or who are working long hours at new jobs would be under more stress that could affect their sleeping habits.

Here are some tips to help you banish insomnia, courtesy of Silent Night Therapy

  • Try to avoid looking at screens before going to bed. Not only will this prevent you from getting sucked down a 20-video-long YouTube rabbit hole, but it will give your eyes and your brain a rest.
  • Come up with a nightly routine and stick to it. Your body will get used to the familiar steps in your routine, which will help you relax and fall asleep faster. Try making a cup of herbal tea or reading a book before bed to help you fall asleep faster.
  • No night lights! Keeping your sleeping space as dark as possible will positively impact the quality of your sleep. Distracting lights will lead to more restlessness throughout the night.

Our bodies naturally want to sleep at night, but learned behaviors can force them to react opposite of how we want them to. Luckily, insomnia can be cured. There are many things you can do to change your sleeping patterns, but there are also medications available for people with serious sleeping problems. 

If you’re struggling with sleep, you should contact a doctor or go to a sleep therapist for help. Prolonged insomnia can be a sign of other problems. Sleep apnea and chronic stress can be detrimental to your waking life, as well. It’s important that you are able to get the help you need so that you can continue to live your life to the fullest.

Yacht Charter Benefits

Yacht Charter Benefits

Feb 18

I’ve been interested in event planning my entire life. I love throwing great events and creating an experience for guests. I enjoy working alongside hosts and other planners, coordinating an event that turns out like a work of art. I live in central Texas, so I’m pretty landlocked, but I do live next to the Colorado River. I’ve always wondered how I could create a cool guest experience for people and utilize that river. One day I was surfing the web and I came across the website for Anita Dee Yacht Charter. Anita Dee Yacht Charter is a company that takes groups out onto the Chicago River. What a cool experience that must be for guests.

I was thinking that the river gives you an opportunity to view the city from a totally new perspective. You can sit back on the river and enjoy the city’s skyline and bridges. You can also enjoy the sights of the city while still being far away from the loud noises and energy of downtown.

Yacht charters are good at different times of the day depending on different on the group or occasion. Typically, corporate events are going to be in the early evening. Most people in a business are going to want to do a yacht charter right after work. It’s a great time to relax, undo the tie, and have a drink with your colleagues, and a nice opportunity to network and get to know co-workers on a personal level. But most working people are going to want to get back to their families at some point, especially if the event is being held during the week. Social events among young people are going to want the late evening shifts. People who are celebrating a special occasion will want to dance, party, and enjoy the river into the wee hours of the morning. I bet that the older crowd will prefer the early morning cruise. Having a yacht charter go out on the river in the early dawn hours would be so fun. Watching the sun come up over the city is beautiful. You also have a chance to see some of the wildlife that lives along the banks. Catered with a nice breakfast, this would be the complete experience for an older or more relaxed couple.

I think a yacht charter would also be a great fundraising opportunity. Let’s face it, boat trips are a special event for just about everyone. Get people on a yacht and they’re going to be in a cheery mood. It’s a great place to connect with people and plug a non-profit. You can get more information from potential donors and volunteers this way.

The pricing for these yacht trips aren’t cheap, but they’re certainly reasonable if you consider what you’re getting. The average cost is going to sit around $1,000 an hour, plus the cost of any food or drinks provided. This isn’t bad at all if you consider that you’re providing fun and entertainment for up to 400 people all at once.

What is Online Social Etiquette?

What is Online Social Etiquette?

Jul 12

As popular as social media is today, it is important to know how to best represent yourself online. Unlike face-to-face social interactions, there are no body language cues for others to use while interpreting your words, and there is no way for them to immediately respond. It’s a term we hear more and more frequently, but what really is socially acceptable online behavior? Here are some things to avoid:


Humor is appropriate in online communication, but it can be very difficult to tell when someone is being genuine or sarcastic. Emojis can help clarify the way you intended to use your words, but they are not appropriate in a professional setting. Remember that public forums can be viewed by anyone, and the things you post to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram may influence your professional reputation.

Using Improper Grammar and Spelling

Sending text messages between friends is a lot different than posting information on a public platform. If you want people to cringe every time they think of your name, then go ahead aNd G3t cr8iV m8. However, if you value your online presence and want to adhere to some semblance of etiquette, do your best to use the proper grammar and spelling.

Airing Dirty Laundry

It is never acceptable to call someone out in public for your personal grievances against them, like money problems or relationship quarrels. Those issues are private matters, and they do not belong online where everyone can see. If you feel strongly about addressing the situation online, wait an hour before doing so. Hopefully your emotions will calm down and you will realize what a mistake it would have been to post your initial thoughts.

Plagiarizing and Reposting as Your Own

You may think you’re being sneaky, clever, or witty, but popular services, such as Google’s Reverse Image Search can easily prove that you are not the original creator of a certain meme. Simply posting lyrics to a song without quotation marks or using another person’s quote without acknowledging that the words aren’t yours is considered to be in poor taste. It’s okay to share things that you like, but don’t try to come off as someone you aren’t by stealing someone else’s work. That is a good way to draw a lot of negative attention to yourself from all corners of the internet.

Sharing Too Much Personal Insight

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling philosophical and deep in the stream of consciousness, but save that for your diary and not social media. Posting too much information about a fragile moment in your thoughts can have lasting consequences, even if it is something you truly believe in. How are people supposed to respond? These types of posts usually inspire more questions than answers, and they are best shared in a personal discussion. Instead of sharing these thoughts with everyone online, try to keep your posts lighthearted and fun by saving the deep stuff for an intimate coffee shop discussion with your closest friends.

My Green Card

My Green Card

Oct 04

I may have a problem with the validity of my green card. I received the green card through my marriage to a United States citizen, and now we are going to get divorced. I’ve been told that I can get a two- year conditional green card now. However, the USCIS will have to review my case to be sure that the marriage was entered ‘in good faith.’ Well, we were very happy but she just met somebody else, and she wanted a divorce. I didn’t contest the divorce because I don’t want to live with anyone that isn’t happy anymore in the marriage. Now the USCIS is going to scrutinize my marriage to her to find out if the marriage was entered with good intentions or if I just wanted a green card to live in the United States. Well, I was perfectly happy living where I was out of the country. I gave up my job and my friends to come to the US to be with my wife. It was a genuine marriage and we were happy, even though she spent a lot of my money. Now I am upset that I’m getting divorced and being scrutinized by the USCIS for getting my green card through my wife, a US citizen. The upside of this is that I have a great job in the US and I do want to stay and work in the United States.

So, I need to wait two years with this two-year conditional green card. Further, after two years of this probationary period of a green card, it will be determined if my marriage was a valid marriage at all. I don’t want to have to be scrutinized for trying to circumvent immigration laws or for potentially fraudulently obtaining a green card. However, it looks like there is no way around this.

Maybe I’ll get some legal help or consult with an attorney about this. This is so frustrating especially since I didn’t do anything illegal. I need to provide the USCIS a lot of evidence that the marriage was the real thing and that it was entered without the intention to mislead anyone. I basically need to provide ample evidence that the marriage was valid. Well, it was valid – it just fell apart and now she is in another relationship! Plus, my wife is a permanent resident, and she doesn’t have any burden of proof on her status as a US citizen. The burden of proof is all on me because I am the conditional resident!

I think I need to speak with an immigration attorney about this issue. I was legally married but now we are getting a divorce. I’ve got a great job now and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my job here in the United States. How can I convince the USCIS that my marriage was valid and that I was not just trying to get a free pass into the United States?

Accidents and Conditions that can Result to Broken Bones and Scarring

Accidents and Conditions that can Result to Broken Bones and Scarring

Apr 20

Accidents and Conditions that can Result to Broken Bones and Scarring

Broken bone, or bone fracture, which is a break or a crack in a bone, is another common consequence of motor vehicle accidents besides laceration and whiplash. The ones most prone to sustaining this type of injury are motorcycle riders due to the absence or lack of protection that will cushion their body at the moment of collision.

Broken bone is sustained when a force that is much stronger than what a bone can hold up to is exerted against it. Though bone fractures usually occur on the hips, arms or legs, there are instances when damage can be to the skull or ribs, turning a fracture to a life-threatening injury. Thus, while bone fracture to the arm or leg may only require a plaster cast or the surgical insertion of plates or metal rods to hold the bone pieces together, complicated fractures, like fracture to the hips, usually require surgery and/or surgical traction; in the case of a broken hip joint, doctors also recommend hip replacement surgery.

Falls and sporting accidents, besides motor vehicle accidents, are additional causes of broken bones. Sometimes, even minor accidents, like trip and fall, can result to a bone fracture, though – this can be the case if the bones have weakened due to an illness, such as Osteoporosis and some types of cancer, which cause the bones to fracture more easily. Osteoporosis, is a medical condition in which the bones become weak, brittle and very fragile (usually due to hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D). In certain cases, coughing or sneezing hard, or even a minor bump can result to bone injury.

As explained by the firm Spiros Law, P.C, “Broken bones are a common result of traumatic injuries that can make it difficult to return to your former job. Scarring occurs to any part of the body that is damaged as part of the healing process, but it can create painful consequences of its own.

A serious broken bone or heavy scarring can have a wide range of serious effects on your life. Broken bones can lead to permanent loss of function or disability, reducing your mobility and making day-to-day tasks much more difficult. Broken bones can also be disfiguring, depending on the part of the body affected.

Our bodies create scar tissue to patch the damage caused by an injury, but heavy scarring can be disfiguring. Large amounts of scar tissue can be uncomfortable, and may create other complications such as limited mobility.

Whatever the nature of your injuries may be, you should not have to suffer because of another person’s negligent or malicious actions. By taking legal action against the people responsible, you can finally find closure.”